IT asset

IT asset management with REI3

Managing IT assets with limited complexity

Get up und running with IT asset management


Asset states follow your organization, custom product types and asset keys fit different needs.


Fast asset creation with the integrated product catalogue, useful attributes for managing IT assets in daily business.


Strictly built to manage IT assets, no-nonsense and ready to go in minutes.

Application in screenshots


  • Pre-defined product types for computers, smartphones, peripherals, internal components, etc.
  • Product catalogue for fast asset creation
  • Options to add custom, non-standard product types for specific requirements
  • Freely definable computer types to support all forms from notebooks to virtual machines to containers
  • Freely definable asset states
  • Custom asset keys for creating unique names based on key components such as dates and counters
  • CSV import & export for products and assets
  • Available in English and German

This application is web-based and can be used on all common end devices. It is based on REI3, an open application platform; many other applications are freely available.

REI3 is 100% free of charge and includes all required software components.