Smart shift scheduling

Core features

Maintain shifts quickly and easily on a per team basis.
Custom shift types.
Take over absences and holidays from other REI3 applications.

More features

  • Multiple views for scheduling shifts
  • iCAL subscriptions for displaying shifts on your device
  • CSV import/export of shifts
  • Flexible shift planning by shift managers & team leaders
  • Automatic deletion of outdated records
  • Available in English and German

How to get going

  1. Download REI3.
  2. Setup REI3 with our admin documentation.
  3. Install the application within REI3 from the application repository.
  4. Create users and assign roles.

Full documentation for each application is available inside REI3 after its installation.


Free. Self-hosted. No user limit. Commercial use allowed.

This application runs on REI3, the open application platform. Enterprise features and support services will be available soon, if needed.