REI3 - the open application platform

With REI3 anyone can create and run applications. You can learn about its features on this page. If you only want to deploy existing applications, visit our popular applications page for more details.

A lean & mean low-code platform

Build powerful applications; host them on-premise or in the cloud and access them from any device with a browser. REI3 has almost no external dependencies and requires very few resources.

Blazingly fast applications

REI3 applications are compressed and cached on clients by default. Only necessary data travels through a bidirectional websocket connection; this results in excellent response times.

Your work, your applications

Keep it, share it or charge for it - its your choice. Any created application can be exported and transferred to other REI3 instances, signed by your private key. You can also add your applications to a global repository.

Everything is graphical

You create applications with the graphical application builder - or 'Builder' for short. Everything can be found inside the Builder - no need to run scripts or fire up the command line.

Easy to setup

Installed in minutes - no complex requirements, no web server configuration. A stand-alone version also exists with integrated database and backups to make it even more convenient for busy admins.

On the shoulders of giants

You don´t need to create everything yourself. Other applications can serve as a foundation for your requirements. Build on existing structures and user interfaces to create your applications faster and re-use data.

Powerful interfaces

Filter records by previous inputs. Let users select sub-filters to reduce results based on context. Create multiple, related records at once. Create complex form states based on existing data. All of these and much more is available.

Beautiful on any screen

REI3´s user interfaces work on any screen size. With a little extra tweaking, they not only work but become beautiful even on small devices. For the best experience, REI3 can also be installed as a progressive-web-app (PWA).

Strong access management

With REI3 there a many ways to limit access. Filter by user context, by the current form, by assigned roles or by rigid policies that force limits regardless of where in the application data is being accessed.

Even more power under the hood

With backend and frontend functions, application authors can take their work to the next level. Create complex workflows, process emails, calculate work hours, handle data encryption and much more; all accessible inside the Builder.

Scales up when needed

When the usage grows above the capabilities of a single server, you can add additional nodes. All required functionality is already built into REI3 to manage and expand your server cluster.

Protected data

Full end-to-end encryption - built-in and easily enabled. Using modern standards, REI3 integrates a user key management for hybrid encryption - with next to no extra effort required from users.

Customization options

Add your corporate identity to REI3 with custom messages, titles, colors and hyperlinks. REI3 applications can directly be linked from local intranets - with or without authentication, dependening on the use case.

Many ways to work with data

Data can be im- or exported quickly via CSV, including relationships. With the integrated ICS connector, you can access calendar data directly from external applications. PDF files can be generated with rich page styling via CSS.

Connections with directory services

Connect to your LDAP to authenticate your users. Or use group memberships to assign application roles to authorize specific access - nested groups are also supported (Active Directory).

Want to see what REI3 can do?

Take a look at our popular applications to see what is possible or run REI3 and install an application as reference.

We also offer a public demo system with write permissions to check out.