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Your contacts

Gabriel Herbert

As a trained IT specialist who studied business informatics, Gabriel Herbert has been fulfilling IT requirements of customers in and around Germany for 15 years. His areas of responsibility have primarily been the development of technical solutions, building and maintaining IT infrastructures as well as managing service providers.

With experience in various industries as well as background in IT service management, Mr. Herbert bridges the gap between expectation, sensible implementation and stable operation.


  • Processing customer requirements
  • Developing solutions
  • Creating REI3 applications
  • Co-developing the REI3 platform software

Fabian Borgwardt

Fabian Borgwardt has been supporting companies for 10 years by maintaining and expanding server infrastructures. As a trained IT specialist, his tasks primarily included the automation of processes, as well as the implementation of technical solutions for the smooth operation of systems.

With calm and focus, Fabian Borgwardt continuously drives the improvement of existing systems and develops concepts for current challenges in the digital age.


  • Processing customer requirements
  • Designing solutions
  • Creating REI3 applications

Steffen Rehfuß

Steffen Rehfuß started working in the sales of CAD software and services in 1998 after graduating in mechanical engineering. After 12 years in CAD, he switched to the ERP sector at abas Projektierung GmbH (today abas Software GmbH). From 2013, he was employed at abas GmbH & Co. KG as a division manager for customer sales.

As a technician, Mr. Rehfuß has been interested in Linux derivatives and server solutions since his studies. Especially exciting for him are professional solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP, and Wiki, which he has been intensively involved with for many years.


  • Managing customer requirements
  • Distribution of REI3 in German-speaking countries