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Open-source, free to use and expandable –
REI3 is a modern platform for business applications

Applications for everyone

A growing number of applications help you manage employee time, tasks, assets and much more. By building on each other, REI3 applications share resources and avoid data duplication.

REI3 also makes it easy to extent applications to fulfill new requirements – build on or create completely new applications with the integrated application builder.

Easy to setup

Get REI3 running quickly on Windows and Linux servers or test on Windows PCs with the portable version. With modern web technologies, REI3 offers a rich frontend on workstations and mobile devices – no client software is required.

REI3 also comes pre-packaged with CoreCompany – our bundle of the most often used business applications. Get up und running immediately with CoreCompany or install individual applications directly from within REI3.

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A growing system

Using REI3 you get access to a growing ecosystem of business applications. While we will charge for optional services like software support in the future, REI3 is and will stay free to use. There are no plans for user limits or other, complex license models.

All current and future applications benefit from the growing feature set of the REI3 platform. LDAP authentication & authorization, CSV handling, ICS calendar access, email processing, change histories, integrated backups and many more features are already available. Many more will come.

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REI3 is also free for commercial use


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