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REI3 is a server application, built for organizations of different sizes. It can be deployed and used free of charge.

The current version is: 2.7.2

Try out REI3

We offer a public demo system for live testing - no registration required. You can also download a portable version to run on Windows without any setup.

Source Code

The REI3 application platform is released under the MIT license.

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Offline instance?

Download REI3 files for your offline REI3 instance from the public repository.

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All releases

Version Installer Portable Linux
2.7.2 exe zip tar.gz
2.6 exe zip tar.gz
2.5.1 exe zip tar.gz
2.4.3 exe zip tar.gz
2.3 exe zip tar.gz
2.2 exe zip tar.gz

Standing data

Application Import file
Location All countries (German language)
Location German states
Location German cities
Location German holidays (until 2030)