An open application platform

REI3 can be used 100% free of charge - this includes commercial uses. No licenses are required to use ready-made applications or to create and publish new ones.

We can be contacted for support requests any time. Without any service agreement, reaction depends on current availability.


Commercial services (coming soon)

To support long-term development, a few enterprise features must be activated separately. These are:

  • LDAP / Active Directory: User import, authentication & authorization
  • Corporate identity customizing: Company name and logo, theme changes and so on

Business customers can soon get these functions as well as enterprise support starting below 100€ per month. We do not plan any artificial limits like the number of concurrent users.

Until commercial offerings are available, we offer a free license that enables all features.

Receive your free REI3 licence via email

* You will receive an email when commercial services are available or your licence is about to expire.