An open platform

REI3 can be used 100% free of charge - this includes commercial uses. No licenses are required to use applications or to create and publish new ones.

See below for commercial support options. You can still contact us without service agreement, reaction times then depend on current availability.


REI3 Professional

Non-binding offer
Free Professional
On-premise installation
No storage limit
Install any number of applications
Build your own applications
Extend existing applications
Install upgrades to REI3
Unlimited API calls
Unlimited mail handling
Concurrent usersno limitno limit
Developer accountsno limitno limit
Directory services (LDAP)
Corporate identity customizing
Cluster management
OAuth2 for e-mail services
Support for REI3 issues
Support for REI3 application issues
(authored by Lean Softworks)
Support contactContact formEmail
Response timeWhen we canWithin 1 working day
Price0,00 €2,50 € - 5,00 €
per user and month

Professional services offered by Lean Softworks, the original developer of REI3.

Scaled prices

User count User per month
1 - 10 5,00 €
11 - 25 4,50 €
26 - 50 4,00 €
51 - 100 3,50 €
101 - 250 3,00 €
251+ 2,50 €
Calculator Cost per month

Additional services

REI3 upgrade support 30,00 € per instance per month
Support for self-built applications per work hours
Phone contact on request
End user support on request
Trainings / workshops on request
Work hours contingent on request
Hosted REI3 instance (private cloud) on request