Manage contacts, details and structures

Core features

Model your organization once for repeated use in larger applications.
Keep all data related to contacts in a central application.
Connect logged in users to employees to support workflows.

More features

  • Define custom contact information types
  • Manage teams for use in other applications
  • Create teams based on department membership
  • Assign contacts to companies based on email domain
  • CSV import for all entities

How to get going

  1. Download REI3.
  2. Setup REI3 with our admin documentation.
  3. Install the application within REI3 from the application repository.
  4. Create users and assign roles.

Full documentation for each application is available inside REI3 after its installation.


Free. Self-hosted. No user limit. Commercial use allowed.

This application runs on REI3, the open application platform. Enterprise features and support services will be available soon, if needed.