Modern, open-source customer relationship management

REI3 Customers

Always know what´s up

Track customer activities - who called who and when, who else was in the call, what was discussed? Connect your mail accounts to document in- or outgoing messages.

Built for work

Start working immediately with common CRM features. Track prospects, get cumulative wins & losses and store critical contact details.

Grows with you

Easily add your own data and features without loosing the ability to update. Directly address your requirements yourself or with help from a REI3 partner.

A large toolset

With other integrated REI3 applications, you can add customer tasks & projects, track time, manage absences and much more. All optional, but available if you have need for more, professionally designed software.

Completely open

This is an open source CRM. Want to learn how it works? Use the REI3 application builder or look at its source code. Worried about vendor lock-in? Create your own version that you fully control.

More features & screenshots

  • Manage your customers with a modern, multi-user application.
  • Runs on all devices - PCs, Macs, modern Smartphones.
  • Install other REI3 applications to add more functionality to your system - most are 100% free to use.
  • Highly extendable with the REI3 graphical application builder.
  • Built as open-source software - easy to migrate with no vendor lock-in.
  • Runs locally or in the cloud - wherever you want.
  • Free upgrades to the REI3 platform for security and stability improvements.
  • Available in German and English.

How to get going

  1. Download REI3.
  2. Setup REI3 with our admin documentation.
  3. Install the application within REI3.
  4. Create users and assign roles.

Full documentation for each application is available inside REI3 after its installation.


You can get this application with or without application support. Prices are per concurrent user and month.
UsersWithout supportWith support*
1 - 104,00€9,00€
11 - 253,50€8,00€
26 - 503,00€7,00€
51 - 1002,50€6,00€
Above 100 users: By agreement
*Includes REI3 professional with additional services and features.


Would you like to see the application live? Our demo instance offers direct access - no registration necessary.

For questions, special requirements or trial licenses, it is best to contact us directly via our contact form.