Manage bookmarks collaboratively

REI3 Bookmarks

Easy to manage

It´s easy to create bookmarks, with keywords and collections helping to manage and quickly find them later.

Work together

Manage your bookmarks in as many collections as you like and share them with your colleagues when needed. This saves frequent sharing via mail or chat.

Sharing made simple

You decide who can view or edit your collections with just a few clicks.

More features & screenshots

  • Tag management for users and administrators
  • Several ways to search for bookmarks
  • Automatically fixes missing protocol names in bookmarked URLs
  • Preview for HTTP and HTTPS bookmarks
  • Available in German and English

How to get going

  1. Download REI3.
  2. Setup REI3 with our admin documentation.
  3. Install the application within REI3.
  4. Create users and assign roles.

Full documentation for each application is available inside REI3 after its installation.


Free. Self-hosted. No user limit. Commercial use allowed.

This application runs on REI3, the open application platform. Enterprise features and support services are also available.