A secure, collaborative password safe

Core features

Securely share sensitive data with others, directly or via groups.
Protect your data even in cases of theft or misuse of administrative permissions.
Easy to use - helps secure data, regardless of technical know-how.

More features

  • Sensitive data is encrypted end-to-end - only individuals, for which data was encrypted, can access it
  • Tagging support for flexible categorization, including tag translations for multi-language environments
  • Full-text search over encrypted data, executed on the frontend
  • Modern encryption standards are used to protect sensitive data, details about the implementation can be found here
  • Integrated key management to enable hybrid encryption with no additional user effort
  • Works on all devices with a browser, also optimized for smaller screens
  • Can run locally or in the cloud, end-to-end encrypted in all cases
  • Integrated audit log
  • Available in English and German

How to get going

  1. Download REI3.
  2. Setup REI3 with our admin documentation.
  3. Install the application within REI3 from the application repository.
  4. Create users and assign roles.

Full documentation for each application is available inside REI3 after its installation.


Free. Self-hosted. No user limit. Commercial use allowed.

This application runs on REI3, the open application platform. Enterprise features and support services are also available.