REI3 in comparison

Is Retool a good alternative to REI3? We chose to compare Retool Business and REI3 Professional as they offer similar functionality.
References: Retool REI3
Retool Business REI3 Professional Details
Infrastructureon-premise, private cloud, public cloudon-premise, private cloud (self-hosted)
  • REI3 runs locally, in the cloud or from a USB stick. REI3 is not yet offered in a public cloud - private cloud hosting is available on request.
Operating systemsLinuxWindows Server, Linux
  • REI3 supports x64 and arm64 processors and runs on almost any server, including Raspberry Pis.
Corporate identity / branding
company logo, color, link, welcome text
  • Retool offers branding with Enterprise licensing.
Offline server
  • Retool requires internet access every 6 hours for license checks.
  • REI3 does not require any internet access. Updates and applications can also be installed offline.
User experience
Client accessbrowser or PWA, directly or via appbrowser or PWA
  • Retool offers native apps on iOS and Android to access available Retool applications.
Mobile devicesbrowserbrowser or PWA, optimized user interfaces
  • Retool mobile is currently in beta. Applications for mobile must currently be created separately.
  • REI3 can be installed on mobile devices as progressive web app (PWA). Cached applications help achieve very fast response times.
Offline client
    Local file access
    with client app (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
    • REI3 includes a client app that can open and edit files locally with one click.
    Print function
      PDF generationcan save current page as PDF
        ActiveDirectory / SSO
        • Retool offers AD/SSO features with Enterprise licensing.
        • REI3 supports user import, role assignment and same-sign-on via LDAP/ActiveDirectory.
        Calendar sync
        unlimited calendars via ICS
          Data & storage
          Record countnot relevantunlimited
          • Retool usually connects to customer data sources instead of hosting its own data.
          Database sizenot relevantunlimited
          • Retool usually connects to customer data sources instead of hosting its own data.
          Change history
            Data im-/export
              Access controlapplications, folders, recordsapplications, tables, attributes, records
              • REI3 can assign roles via ActiveDirectory group memberships.
              SQL accessdepends
              • Retool SQL access is possible when self-hosted.
              • REI3 keeps data human readable and accessible for reporting.
              Backupsdaily automatic backupsas many/often as desired
              • REI3 also offers an integrated backup system for convenience.
              Database systemsPostgreSQLPostgreSQL
              • REI3 also offers an integrated database system for convenience.
              Low code development
              Predefined field types
                Viewstables, forms, charts, calendarstables, cards, forms, charts, gantts, calendars, kanbans
                  Data manipulationfrontend functionsfrontend & backend functions
                  • REI3 authors can directly access data. From working with translations, to email parsing and time calculations - data can be processed in the frontend and on the server side.
                  Automationtriggerstriggers, scheduled functions
                  • Retool is looking at a function scheduler, no ETA yet.
                  Application templatessimple templates to use and expand onproduction ready applications to use and build on
                    Ownershipdatabase exports & export of applications in JSON format for transfer/backupdatabase exports & export of applications (signed, owned and sellable by the author)
                    • REI3 applications are fully owned by the application author. They can be installed on other systems, sold and used as foundation for new applications.
                    Mail sendingunlimitedunlimited
                    • REI3 was already used to build custom mail compaign solutions.
                    Mail receiving
                    • REI3 can fetch and parse emails; a ticket system with advanced mailing capabilities exists for REI3.
                    REST accessunlimitedunlimited
                    • REI3 can both serve as REST server as well as call external REST endpoints.
                    Transport encryption (TLS/SSL)
                      End-to-end encryption at rest
                      • REI3 includes an integrated user key management, to enable easy-to-use, but secure end-to-end encryption. Encrypted data stays protected even in case of theft.
                      Password policy
                        Open source code
                          GDPR conformityattainableattainable
                          • GDPR conformity is not a simple product feature; it depends on many factors, for which a product can be well-suited for or not.
                          Costs and services
                          Software updates included
                            Email support
                              Premium support
                              • Retool offers premium support with Enterprise licensing.
                              • REI3 offers premium support on request.
                              Vendor lock-inclosed-source, self-hosting is available with zero-cost licensing (strongly limited features)open-source, self-hosting for free
                              • REI3 is an open application platform; applications can be used and updates installed without paying for support services. The database is human readable and can be used without REI3.
                              Special conditions for educational and charity organizations
                                Country of originUnited States of AmericaGermany
                                  Pricing50,00 € per user and month2,50 € - 5,00 € per user and month
                                  • REI3 user prices scale with count, more are cheaper.