An open application platform

REI3 can be used 100% free of charge. No licenses are required to use ready-made applications or to create and publish new ones.

We can be contacted for support requests any time – reaction follows availability and best effort.

Commercial offerings

To support the long-term development, a few optional enterprise features must be activated separately.
These are:

  • LDAP / Active Directory: User import, authentication & authorization
  • Corporate identity customizing: Company name and logo, theme changes and so on

Business customers can soon get these functions as well as enterprise support starting below 100€ per month. We do not plan any artificial limits like the number of concurrent users.

Until commercial offerings are available, we offer a free license file that enables all features.

Open source code

All functions can also be activated with the source code; our commercial offerings will provide convenience to organizations while funding the long-term development of REI3.