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Publish, share and keep knowledge up-to-date

Work fast with low-code

Quickly build powerful multi-user apps to fulfill software requirements - goodbye spreadsheets, shared mailboxes and other 'solutions'.

Available to anyone

Run your own REI3 system for private or commercial use, 100% free of charge - enterprise services are there for those who need them.

Everything in your hand

Stay independent with full authorship over your applications and where your data is stored - on-premise, in the cloud - self-hosted or however you want.

Production ready

Many business applications are available for REI3 - most are offered free of charge. Manage things like projects, assets, work time, requests, passwords and more.

These apps were built with REI3 and show, what can be achieved within a very short timeframe.

Popular applications

REI3 business applications
Easily setup and manage your REI3 instance

Easy to setup and manage

REI3 is installed on most servers in minutes - in the cloud or on-premise. In contrast to many low-code products, your apps are transferable and can be self-hosted.

As a free and open source software, you can run REI3 at no charge - support and enterprise services are available when needed.

Powerful features

With functions, email processing, end-to-end encryption, schedulers, access policies and much more, many business needs can be met directly.

Your apps also benefit from the REI3 platform, regularly getting new features and security updates.

Powerful features, integrated into REI3