This page contains information about the REI3 platform, advantages and limitations of the technology & our motivation for this project.

A platform for applications

REI3 is an open platform for running and creating applications. Software requirements can be implemented live in REI3 via a graphical interface and then published as an application. REI3 applications are based on modern web technologies and work on PCs as well as mobile devices.

Applications benefit from the growing functionality of the platform. Each REI3 application can support complex data structures, generate aggregated lists, manage files, send mails, authorize users via LDAP groups, offer multiple translations, display calendars, implement workflows and much more.

Applications in focus

Applications for REI3 can be created by anyone. We (the developers of REI3) offer a growing set of core applications that can be downloaded and used directly.

Our goal is to gradually serve basic needs of organizations. We want to help to migrate from simple, e.g. Excel or Access based solutions to modern, future oriented web applications. Migrating from more complex software solutions to REI3 can also be interesting for organizations.

Organizations can extend core applications to address specific or complex software requirements. Applications being extendent can still separately be updated as long as a couple of rules are followed.

Applications published by us are always optional. We support the creation, extension and operation of applications with or without our direct assistance up to 100% autonomous creation by internal personnel in the respective organization.

Finished applications can be obtained in the following ways:

  • From our official application repository
  • From a locally operated repository (internally created and/or released applications)
  • From locally generated export files (for simple environments or offline instances without repository access)

Usable by all

REI3, operated in-house, requires only moderate IT infrastructure. If REI3 is to be operated as a cloud solution, a stable Internet connection is sufficient. All end devices with modern browsers can use REI3 applications. Core applications published by us have already been optimized for use by mobile devices.

Open for all

REI3 enables the creation and operation of applications for individuals and organizations even without acquisition costs. The software behind the platform itself is open source; the source code can be reviewed, modified and, under a different name, further developed. REI3 applications can come from us, third-party vendors, or from internal development.

What we provide is long-term development of the platform and support for organizations using REI3 productively. We fund ourselves through services such as support, training and development projects. We also reserve the right to charge for certain features and services.

Regardless, organizations can build the platform software themselves using the source code and use the full feature set free of charge. Support services from us, such as offering ready-made installation packages or unlocking functions, are and remain optional. With or without licenses and/or support contract REI3 may be used, applications may be built and also alternative repositories may be operated. The playing field is open.

Limitations of the REI3 platform

No software can cover all requirements, REI3 is no exception. As a web application, for example, REI3 enjoys many advantages, such as access without pre-installed client software (apart from the browser). However, some functions are exclusive to native, client-installed, software and may make it difficult to implement in REI3. Examples include:

  • Access to client hardware. With new web standards, the ability to access client hardware is growing; however, there will likely always be technical limitations.
  • Caching of local data on clients (no connection to server). This may be addressed in the future through platform updates; currently REI3 requires a constant connection to the server.

Another limitation is that even with regular enhancement of available features, REI3 cannot achieve the (almost) total flexibility of custom developments. Although REI3 supports, among other things, rapid implementation of requirements and consistent interfaces, there are and remain limitations. Requirements should always be compared against the currently available functionality of the REI3 platform to assess feasibility.

Mission Statement

REI3, as an open application platform, is not a magic pill. It will not be able to cover all requirements. Instead, REI3 makes it possible, with little effort, to address many requirements that otherwise would not be addressed.

We want to empower individuals and organizations to respond to new or existing requirements with good software. In the 21st century, data worthy of protection should not be stored in Excel lists, workflows should not be implemented by building folder structures, and the management of organizational structures should not have to be done three times over in half a dozen software tools.

We see REI3 as a possible solution to these challenges in the modern, digital world. We want to make our contribution by providing a stable, feature-rich platform on which organizations can build upon.