Your application

Your application

Are your requirements not or not fully met by existing applications?

As long as necessary features are covered by REI3’s constantly growing feature set, new applications can be created quickly.


Asset management
Template management
Resource booking
Customer management
Employee development
Fleet management

All of the above examples can be created in REI3, but are not yet available as finished applications.

Are your requirements related to existing applications?

Existing applications can be built upon in a modular fashion; new data types, functions and interfaces can easily be added to them.

Creating new applications or extending existing ones can be done by us, as well as by yourself. For this purpose, REI3 integrates a graphical editing interface – the builder.

3 ways to your application

All REI3 features can be used 

Can be integrated with other REI3 applications

REI3 platform updates free of charge

Available in the official repository

Upgrade safety guaranteed by us

Application support by us

(bugs, issues)


Your Requirements are directly implemented in our Core applications

Requirements, building upon our core applications and relevant to other users

We create new or expand Core Applications for you

By arrangement

(depending on scope) 

Requirements, specificaly relevant to you

You create your own Applications

At cost

At cost

You want total freedom in implementing your requirements

You can contact us to discuss your requirements. We are looking forward to your inquiry.