Time tracker

Time tracking with REI3

Deal with time tracking easily

Keep work hours in check and fulfill legal requirements

Not just work time

Also track hours for projects and clients.

Always in the know

Keep an eye on daily hours for yourself and your employees.

Simple & elegant

Just time tracking, no distractions.

Application in screenshots


  • Very fast timer inputs – start and finish time tracking with next to no effort
  • Time tracking on any device with a browser – including optimized mobile views
  • Parallel timers for tracking not just general work hours but also projects
  • Views for weekly overtime, aggregated hours and timer duration averages
  • CSV exports for further processing where needed
  • Admin requests and overwrites
  • Fully customizable tracking categories – with options for rounding, break times, customer association and more
  • Tracking of special times during holidays, on weekends and within defined time frames
  • Helps fulfilling legal requirements for work time tracking, including views to keep to mandated, maximum work hours

This application is web-based and can be used on all common end devices. It is based on REI3, an open application platform; many other applications are freely available.

REI3 is 100% free of charge and includes all required software components.