Task management with REI3

Everything in view

Task management for individuals and teams

Correctly assigned

Responsibility, execution and shared access – its always clear, who does what.

Efficiently executed

Task pools for departments and teams as well as sub tasks support efficient task handling.

Routinely correct

Repeatable tasks and checklists simplify planned execution of routine tasks.

Application in screenshots


  • Management of personal as well as shared tasks
  • Sub tasks with optional progress tracking
  • Attachments and working notes
  • Calendar view for looming deadlines
  • Re-useable checklists for routine tasks
  • Schedules for recurring task
  • Custom status types
  • Assignment to responsible and executing persons
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Visibility controls for sharing tasks with teams and colleages

This application is web-based and can be used on all common end devices. It is based on REI3, an open application platform; many other applications are freely available.

REI3 is 100% free of charge and includes all required software components.