Absence management with REI3

Not just vacations

With this application you manage all forms of
absences within your company.


Schedule absence, check vacation entitlements, and send notifications using custom templates.


Customize the application to your needs using work week profiles and department or employee level options.


Automatic mechanisms such as the allocation of vacation days, as well as the carryover of unused days reduce your workload.

Application in screenshots

  • Overview of absences within your department


  • Automatic allocation of paid vacation days
  • Overviews for taken/available vacation days
  • Approval workflow
  • Different absence types / colors
  • File attachment for absence requests
  • Half-day requests
  • Mail notifications for requests and approvals
  • Manual assignment of special leave days
  • Administrative views for the entire organization
  • Administrative forms for corrections
  • CSV import of existing data
  • Available in English and German

This application is web-based and can be used on all common end devices. It is based on REI3, an open application platform; many other applications are freely available.

REI3 is 100% free of charge and includes all required software components.